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The 10 Surprising Benefits of a Bad Boss

One of my friends had just ended a long stint working for a lousy boss, one who could be a selfish at times and was a legendary backstabber and narcissist. He talked about all these bad times he experienced with that Bad Boss. Then, however, the conversation took an interesting turn that bad things can turn good if you know how to handle them.

The conversation went back and forth in this manner for a while. Although everyone still believes that Bad Bosses suck on the whole, we started wondering if a more general, elaborate, and evidence-based argument might be made about the upsides of working for a loser. So we agreed on 10 surprising benefits of a Bad Boss:

  1. It helps you to develop your ability to work with difficult people.

  2. It helps you to enhance your communication skills.

  3. It gives you a taste of business politics and an opportunity to experience it.

  4. It separates the strong from the weak. (a Bad Boss is a weak person).

  5. It helps you differentiate what is really important for you and your career.

  6. It provides an opportunity to get to know yourself a bit better. It teaches self-control and patience.

  7. It teaches you how not to manage your ego.

  8. It gives you a chance to inspire a higher standard of behaviour in your team. You can be the person your peers want to be.

  9. It makes you realize you are more capable than you think you are, especially when you have to step up your game and lead.

  10. And most important, it teaches you to be a Good Boss.

I am not saying that Bad Boss is easy to endure. It can be suffocating; soul destroying. The thing is that you need to galvanize your mind and come out of it strong, not crushed, if you are going to get a positive outcome where you are at or even a better job somewhere else. Have a think about it and check with yourself where the benefits are.

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